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Organization of the JOGL source tree
doc/ Build and user documentation
make/ Ant build scripts,
see top of build.xml for brief invocation instructions
make/config Configuration files for glue code generation
make/stub_includes Header files for glue code generation
src/ Java and native source code for:
src/jogl - JOGL
src/nativewindow - NativeWindow Interface
src/newt - NEWT
src/junit - Unit test cases
www/ Web pages
NativeWindow and NEWT may be build seperately.
Contact Us
JogAmp Channel server: room: jogamp
Email mediastream _at_ jogamp _dot_ org
The JogAmp Community is gratefully acknowledges that the initial
version of JOGL was authored and developed by Kenneth Bradley Russell
and Christopher John Kline.
The JogAmp Community is grateful for all the contributions
of all of the individuals who have advanced the project.
For sure we are not able to list all of them here.
Please contact us if you like to be added to this list.
Gerard Ziemski contributed the original port of JOGL to Mac OS X.
Rob Grzywinski and Artur Biesiadowski contributed the Ant build
support. Alex Radeski contributed the cpptasks support in the build
Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt and Nathan Parker Burg contributed the Java port
of the GLU tessellator. Pepijn also contributed the initial version of
the FPSAnimator utility class.
James Walsh (GKW) contributed the substantial port
of the GLU mipmap generation code to Java, as well as robustness fixes
in the Windows implementation and other areas.
The JSR-231 expert group as a whole provided valuable discussions and
guidance in the design of the current APIs. In particular, Kevin
Rushforth, Daniel Rice and Travis Bryson were instrumental in the
design of the current APIs.
Travis Bryson did extensive work on the GlueGen tool to make it
conform to the desired API design. He also shepherded JSR-231 through
the standardization process, doing extensive cross-validation of the
APIs and implementation along the way, and authored JOGL's nightly
build system.
Lilian Chamontin contributed the JOGLAppletLauncher, opening new ways
of deploying 3D over the web.
Christopher Campbell collaborated closely with the JOGL development
team to enable interoperability between Sun's OpenGL pipeline for
Java2D and JOGL in Java SE 6, and also co-authored the TextureIO
Sven Gothel refactored the windowing subsystem layer to be generic,
introduced the support for multiple GL profiles, realized NEWT and more..
The following individuals made significant contributions to various
areas of the project (Alphabetical):
Michael Bien
Alban Cousinié
Athomas Goldberg
Yuri Vladimir Gushchin
Gregory Pierce
Carsten Weisse
The JogAmp Community is grateful for the support of the community, from where dozens, if not hundreds, of
individuals have contributed discussions, bug reports, bug fixes, and
other forms of support.