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Learned Scale Recovery

Using a priori knowledge of a camera over a ground plane, we incorporate a scale recovery loss into the popular self-supervised depth and egomotion training procedure. In doing so, we enforce the observed scale factor to converge to unity during training, such that depth and egomotion predictions are accurate up to metric scale.

Accompanying code for 'Self-Supervised Scale Recovery for Monocular Depth and Egomotion Estimation'



We trained and tested on the KITTI dataset. Download the raw dataset here. We provide a dataloader, but we first require that the data be preprocessed. To do so, run within the data directory (be sure to specify the source and target directory). For training with the Eigen split, first run

For Oxford Robotcar training, we downloaded sequences using the dataset scraper. Once downloaded, the data can be preprocessed by running in data/oxford, followed by within the data directory (be sure to specify the source and target directory).

Paper Reproduction

Our pretrained models are available online. To download them, run the following bash script from the source directory:


This will populate the results directory with the appropriate models we trained for our experiments. Run within the paper_plots_and_data directory to evaluate a specific model on any desired sequence. This will save a .pkl file with VO and scale factor estimation results for our method, and for our DNet rescaling implementation. We provide precomputed results stored in the provided model directories. To generate some of the primary paper results, see for our results from Table 3,, and For plotting, run to produce top-down views of the trajectory estimages, or to plot the scale factor estimates. will store a sequence of depth and plane segmentation images within the video directory.


Two bash scripts are provided that will run the training experiments (for Depth + Egomotion training, and for Plane Segmentation training for KITTI and Robotcar:

Prior to training, the data directory should be modified accordingly to point to the processed KITTI data. During training, to visualize some results during the training procedure, open a tensorboard from the main directory:

tensorboard --logdir runs


Accompanying code for 'Self-Supervised Scale Recovery for Monocular Visual Odometry'






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