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Learning Matchable Image Transformations
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Matchable Image Transformations for Long-term Visual Localization

System overview

Code to accompany our paper "Learning Maximally Matchable Image Transformations for Long-term Metric Visual Localization".


  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • pytorch 1.1 + torchvision
  • Pillow
  • progress (for progress bars in train/val/test loops)
  • pyviso2 (included)
  • tensorboardX


  • - Top-level script for training and testing models using the Virtual KITTI dataset.
  • - Top-level script for training and testing models using the UTIAS In The Dark dataset.
  • matchability/ - Main codebase.
    • datasets/ - Modules for loading and pre-processing the Virtual KITTI and UTIAS In The Dark datasets for use with PyTorch.
    • - General training, validation and testing loops.
    • - Definitions for matcher proxy and image transformation models.
    • - General-purpose neural network classes, specialized in
    • - Defines a container class to store configuration parameters and provides common defaults.
    • - Custom image/tensor transformations.
    • - Miscellaneous utility functions.
  • scripts/ - Scripts for producing figures and videos used in the paper.
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