Allows users to set their ssh key against their google user account + sync user/group/key map in s3
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Docker Repository on Quay

  • allows users to set their ssh public keys in their Google GSuite account
  • does a periodic sync of all specified groups (members + ssh keys) from Google to AWS s3


Required environment variables:

env var example desc
SKM_CLIENT_ID Google oidc client id
SKM_CLIENT_SECRET xxxxxxxx Google oidc client secret
SKM_CALLBACK_URL https://app/callback Callback URI where user will be redirected after successful Google interaction
SKM_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AWS secret access key
SKM_AWS_BUCKET bucket-name AWS s3 bucket name
SKM_SA_KEY_LOC /etc/skm/sa-key.json Location on disk where Google service account key is (json format)
SKM_GROUPS "" comma seperated list of groups that will be synced to s3


Use on your host to populate authorized_keys