Integration of Elm Application's `update` function with Redux DevTools Extension. An alterative to the official Elm Debugger.
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This project contains code that allows you to intercept calls to your Elm App's update function and send the message and model to the Redux DevTools Extension.


Demo GIF


Elm 0.18 / elm-lang/core 5.x.x

Running this with Elm 0.18 requires a one line patch to the JS code of Elm's elm-lang/core package.

  1. Install the Redux DevTools extension for Firefox or Google Chrome.

  2. Open elm-stuff/packages/elm-lang/core/5.1.1/src/Native/Platform.js and around line 120, just below model = results._0;, add the following line:

    typeof ElmRemoteDev !== 'undefined' && ElmRemoteDev.send(msg, model);

    Your code should now look like:

    model = results._0;
    typeof ElmRemoteDev !== 'undefined' && ElmRemoteDev.send(msg, model);
  3. Include the following script in your page, preferably before you mount your application:

    <script src=""></script>

Now recompile your app and reload it in your browser and you'll see every call to update being logged in the extension window.