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Jani Blackjack Analyser

A simple blackjack game supported by card counting and basic strategy. Coded for analysing basic strategy and card counting algorithms in large scale researches about mathematics of blackjack.

General Notes

  • Card suits didn't implemented. It's an algorithm analys tool, so integer values of cards enough for us.
  • Cards are implemented in an array of strings. We convert strings into integer values with getCardValue function.
 public int getCardValue(String card)
            switch (card)
                case "J": return 10;
                case "Q": return 10;
                case "K": return 10;
                case "A": return 11;
                default: return Convert.ToInt32(card);


(To identifying A's next value (1/11) we use aceFound function.)

  • Decks are shuffling with Fisher-Yates Shuffle Algorithm

Card Counting Algorithm

It's basically checks every remaining cards on deck and shows a probability to player. (In real life usage of card counting is counting expended cards. To implementing this, I should have create a new array and keep expended cards in there. But it causes unnecessary usage of memory. Counting remaining cards is practically produces same probability.)

We count the cards as GoodCards and BadCards If a card won't cause player's bust, it's counted as good card, otherwise it's bad card.

public void cardCounter()
            numOfGoodCards = 0;
            numOfBadCards = 0;

            int remain = 21 - playerTotal;

            for (int i = 0; i < newDeck.Length; i++)
                if (getCardValue(newDeck[i]) <= remain)


Basic Strategy Algorithm

Common Rules:

Basic strategy rules implemented to a two-dimensional array. A small part:

        strategyTable[4, 2] = "stand";
        strategyTable[4, 3] = "stand";
        strategyTable[4, 4] = "stand";
        strategyTable[4, 5] = "hit";

Firstly, it identifies column and row numbers by checking dealer's up card and player's card total. After than it shows strategyTable 's content to player.

            switch (dealerHand[0])
                case "2": column = 0; break;
                case "3": column = 1; break;
                case "4": column = 2; break;

Cheat Menu

To enable cheat menu press "Enter" key and type this code



Thanks for your support on this project

  • Gizem Ece Yılmaz
  • Eda Karabiber
  • Yusuf Ceylan
  • Cemre Tekpınar


a simple blackjack game supported by card counting and basic strategy




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