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Basic python version of original project named "House Party Protocol" which is written in C#

It's a file wiper program which can get commands remotely and acts in emergency stiuations. Program's name inspired by Iron Man 3 movie where Tony Stark activates the "House Party Protocol" when his house is destroyed. It's written for preventing your private datas captured by police or thieves.

Methods and Features

  • Written in Python 3.4
  • Encrypts target files with AES algorithm with random key. It uses unique random key for every single file.


python3 --help

  • -d Directory to be encrypted
  • -u Url in which the script takes command
  • -i interval for checking the url

Example: python3 -d /home/utku/secret -u -i 60

Giving Command

  • You need to have a hosting account which can run php scripts (you can register for a free one)

Change the $password section and upload it to your hosting as .php file (ex: bust.php) And upload a blank command.txt file with it.


$password = "utku123";  // Change it


if (isset($_POST["password"]) && ($_POST["password"]=="$password")) {

$file = fopen("command.txt","w");
echo fwrite($file,"1");


if (isset($_POST['password']) || $password == "") {
  print "<p align=\"center\"><font color=\"red\"><b>Incorrect Password</b><br>Please enter the correct password</font></p>";}
  print "<form method=\"post\"><p align=\"center\">Please enter your password for start wiping<br>";
  print "<input name=\"password\" type=\"password\" size=\"25\" maxlength=\"10\"><input value=\"Login\" type=\"submit\"></p></form>";


  • Collect your evidence files into one folder.
  • For giving the encrypt command, open your bust.php file ( with your mobile phone's or computer's browser
  • Enter your password
  • Action Starts


While this may be helpful for some, there are significant risks. You could go to jail on obstruction of justice charges just for running House Party Protocol, even though you are innocent.