Insert budget entries into your Google spreadshee via CLI.
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Append expense/income entries to your Google budget spreadsheet from the CLI.



  1. Create a monthly budget spreadsheet from the spreadsheet template gallery if you don't already have one.

  2. When the new sheet opens up, take note of your SPREADSHEET_ID or the URL itself which looks like the following:<SPREADSHEET_ID>/edit#gid=<SHEET_ID>


  1. Complete steps 1 & 2 of the quickstart guide. Make sure that you copy the credentials.json file into project directory.

  2. From project directory:

chmod +x


From project directory:



You can execute the budget command globally for spreadsheet selection and transaction entry.

Spreadsheet Selection

The selected spreadsheet ID will be used until another spreadsheet ID is selected.

# select spreadsheet by ID
budget id <SPREADSHEET_ID>

# select spreadsheet by URL
budget url <SPREADSHEET_URL>

Transaction Entry

Transaction entries can be specified with or without a date field. In the latter case, the date field will be automatically assigned to today's date.

# append expense for custom date
budget expense "<Date>,<Amount>,<Description>,<Category>"

# append expense for today
budget expense "<Amount>,<Description>,<Category>"

# append income for custom date
budget income "<Date>,<Amount>,<Description>,<Category>"

# append income for today
budget income "<Amount>,<Description>,<Category>"