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Simple JPEG Exporter

This is a Photoshop CS/CC script for exporting a JPEG from one or more open images. The script hasn't been tested with Photoshop versions earlier than Photoshop CS5 but it should be compatible.

It is intended to be used by artists to create JPEGs that are compatible with various online application platforms such as It can save a lot of time if you need to resize and export several images.

Most of these application platforms require images to be 1920 pixels on the longest side and output as JPEG files. This script will automatically scale the image down (or up) so that the longest side (either width or height) is equal to the specified nominal size. Also, the color profile will be converted to sRGB.

It works like a batch export in that all currently opened images will be exported.



  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Unzip/extract the downloaded archive file This will create a folder named ps-jpegexport-master.
  3. From folder ps-jpegexport-master copy or move the script file SimpleJPEGExporter.jsx to the Photoshop scripts folder.
  4. Restart Photoshop.

Alternatively you can start the script in Photoshop from the menu via File->Scripts->Browse... and then navigate to wherever you downloaded the script. This is a good way to try it out before installing it into the scripts folder.

Photoshop script folder location

  • MacOS, Linux:

    /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5/Presets/Scripts

    With recent Photoshop CC versions this folder is protected so you may be prompted to enter your password to complete the copy or move.

  • Windows:


If these locations are incorrect on your platform please open a new issue and I'll update the docs.


  1. Open any images you want to export.
  2. Select File->Scripts->Simple JPEG Export...

The script will export all the images currently open in Photoshop. The original images will not be modified.

From the script dialog you can choose the destination folder for exported JPEGs.

The default JPEG settings should be fine for most applications. The exported JPEG will most likely be under 2mb. If it is larger than the maximum allowed by the application then you can try lowering the JPEG quality setting a bit.

If the Photoshop image has layers with transparent areas the JPEG background can be specified with the Matte color selection.

Note: Images smaller than the specified Max image size will be scaled up to fit.