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Kotlin bindings for GDNative
Kotlin C Shell
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piiertho hotfix/add set to dictionary (#32)
* Add to Dictionary operator fun get and set, add auto cast method from any to variant to make it easier to use

* Add default values for dictionary's get

* Add foreach method in GDArray and Dictionary (maybe we can do better)
Latest commit 3a0ac7f Feb 19, 2020

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Kotlin/Native wrapper for the Godot Game Engine


This is a Kotlin language wrapper for the Godot game engine. It uses the GDNative utility to interact with Godot's core api's. The wrapper provides you Godot API's as Kotlin classes, so you can write your game logic completely in Kotlin. It will be compiled into a dynamic library using Kotlin/Native. It contains GDNative bindings which allows Godot core and Kotlin code interact with each other. You don't have to worry about any binding logic. Just write your game scripts like you would for GDScript or C#.

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Getting started

Look into Getting started section to get more information.

API differences from GDScript

Look into API differences from GDScript section to get more information.

Registering classes

Look into Registration section to get more information.

Compiling from sources

Look into Compiling from source section to get more information.

Developer discussion

Ask questions and collaborate on Discord:


All authors are indicated in CONTRIBUTORS section on GitHub.
This repo is a successor of MrAkakuy's kotlin bindings for godot, who did a great work with his project. We really thank him, without him this project would not exist.

If you have any questions, issues or feature suggestions you can write an Issue here.


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