Version 2 Of made with Vue.js and the Quasar Framework
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This repository is the home of the new

Install instructions

The project uses yarn. Refer to its documentation to install it.

Install lerna
yarn global add lerna
Install dependencies of all the packages

This will bootstrap all the projects of the monorepo. If you only want to install a specific project, open the project folder and follow the instructions in the

lerna link
lerna bootstrap

Setup the different projects

Read the different projects' READMEs to see how to set them up.

Start developing

This will start the frontend and backend projects .

yarn run dev


If you want to help us build this great project, these are the steps you will have to take to get started.

Please open the issues page.

You can work on any issue that is prefixed with [OT] and is in the To do column of the project board.

All issues have been assigned a difficulty score from 1 to 5. A score of 1 is an easy task that can be completed by a beginner. 5 is for experienced developers who have a good understanding of the project and the technologies we are using.

You've picked one? Great.

Now open the Jira link provided in the description. Make sure that the task is in the READY FOR DEV status and that all the linked issues in the is blocked by section are in the DONE status.

Still good? Read the description carefully and check the zeplin links.

Are you feeling up to the task? DM @gregory[mod] on the utopian discord with the following message:

Hi, I would like to start working on the task JIRA_URL.

A little bit about me: a short description of your experience as a developer

You will then join a dedicated discord channel and meet your fellow collaborators. Please read the pinned messages of the channel before doing anything else.

Let's get to work!


GPL-3.0 Copyright (c) 2018 Utopian Company SRLs.