User Commands

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User Commands

A few notes about the way I document commands:

  • Text in angle brackets ( <> ) is something that should be replaced, with an explanation of what it is between the brackets. For example, <duration> would be replaced with a number like 15. Not <15>.
  • If there are square brackets ( [] ) around an argument, that means it is optional and can be left off completely.

Wordwar Related

  • !war start <duration> [<options>] [<war name>]
    • Starts a war with the given duration, after start delay.
    • Duration and Start Delay are in minutes
    • War Name is what to call the war. Defaults to YourName’s War
    • Optional Advanced Parameters
      • delay:<number> – Set start delay to something other than 1
      • chain:<number> – How many times should this war repeat?
      • break:<number> – Set chain war breaks to specific time instead of half of war duration
      • random:1 – Enables random timing variation for chain wars
  • !war cancel <war name or id>
    • Only the creator of a war or a bot admin can end a war early
  • !war list
    • Lists running wars in this channel
  • !war list all
    • Lists all wars running on this instance of Timmy
  • !war join <war id>
    • Sets you to be notified when the specified war starts and ends.
  • !war leave <war id>
    • Removes you from the notification list for the war.
  • !war report [<war id>] <wordcount>
    • Records wordcount for a Wordwar. Requires you adopt a raptor before the wars (see below), and be signed in with nickserv. Defaults to the last war.

!war start 15 Sprint Time! – Creates a 15 minute wordwar named ‘Sprint Time!’, that will start in 1 minute (the default start delay.)

!war start 15 delay:5 My War – Creates a 15 minute wordwar named ‘My War’ that starts in 5 minutes.

!war start 15 chain:4 break:10 Chain War – Creates a series of four 15 minute wars, with 10 minute breaks between them.

Raptor Adoption Commands

  • !raptor adopt <name> – Adopts a new raptor, giving it the specified name.
  • !raptor rename <new name> – Renames your adopted raptor.
  • !raptor release – Releases your raptor, clearing all tracked statistics.
  • !raptor details – Tells you about your word sprint statistics. Add to these by using the !war report <wordcount> command after word wars.

Chain Story Commands

  • !chainhelp
  • !chaininfo
  • !chainlast
  • !chainnew <new piece of story>


  • !sing
  • !eightball [<question>]
  • !woot
  • !get [<item>]
  • !getfor <user> [<item>]
  • !fridge [<user>]
  • !dance
  • !lick [<user>]
  • !commandment [<number>]
  • !defenestrate [<user>]
  • !summon [<what to summon>]
  • !foof [<user>]

Interaction Controls

This command lets you dictate how Timmy will interact with you. If you don’t like hugs, he won’t hug you. If you don’t like fridges, he will (regretfully) not throw fridges at you. Etc.

  • !interactionflag – Show the usage for the command, and the list of flags.
  • !interactionflag list – Sends your current settings.
  • !interactionflag set <flag> <0/1> – Set whether you want to receive that behavior or not. 0 means you don’t want it. 1 means you’re okay with it.

Miscellaneous Commands

  • !eggtimer <minutes>
  • !d<#> (Example: !d20)
  • !roll <dice string> (Example: !roll 3d4 + 6)
  • !pickone comma, separated, list
  • !boxodoom <difficulty> <duration> – Calculates word targets for a given length of time typing. Difficulty is extraeasy/easy/average/hard/extreme/insane/impossible/tadiera, duration in minutes.
  • !raptorstats — gives channel stats for velociraptor population.
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