The new Rust user-space file system
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The goal of RustFS is to build a new user-space file system for NVMe SSDs that gets performance similar to an in-kernel file system. RustFS will be written in Rust, taking advantage of the high-level features offered by Rust.


  1. Zeyuan Hu (xxks-kkk)
  2. Daniel Moore (danielpygo)
  3. Vijay Chidambaram (vijay03)

Get Involvement

Any contributions are welcome. To get started with the project, check out our issues tab and start to work on the issues that look most interesting to you. We categorize each issues with areas that you may experience in a software development setting (e.g. "DevOps", "Software Engineering", "Research" and so on).

To get the status of the project, please check out Rustfs project page. We also have Wiki page to help you get started with the project development.