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import uuid
from typing import Dict
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from models.item import Item
from models.model import Model
from models.user import User
from libs.mailgun import Mailgun
class Alert(Model):
collection: str = field(init=False, default="alerts")
item_id: str
price_limit: float
user_email: str
name: str = field(default="Test")
_id: str = field(default_factory=lambda: uuid.uuid4().hex)
def __post_init__(self):
self.item = Item.get_by_id(self.item_id)
self.user = User.find_by_email(self.user_email)
def json(self) -> Dict:
return {
"_id": self._id,
"price_limit": self.price_limit,
"item_id": self.item_id,
"user_email": self.user_email
def load_item_price(self):
return self.item.price
def notify_if_price_reached(self):
if self.item.price < self.price_limit:
print(f"Item {self.item} has reached a price under {self.price_limit}. Latest price: {self.item.price}.")
f"Notification for {}",
f'Your alert for {} has reached a price under {self.price_limit}. The latest price is {self.item.price}. Go to this address to check your item: {self.item.url}',
f'<p>Your alert for {} has reached a price under {self.price_limit}</p>.<p> The latest price is {self.item.price}</p>. <p> Click <a href="{self.item.url}">here</a> to purchase your item.'