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Lazy Evaluation for Concurrent OLTP and Bulk Transactions

This repository hosts the prototype implementation and benchmarks for our IDEAS16 submission.


The main parts of the implementation are the following:

  • laziness.Lazy: Classes for explicit lazy evaluation
  • lazytrie.Trie: Our lazy persistent trie
  • lazytrie.Map: A lazy key/value map, implemented using the lazy trie
  • lazytrie.Key: Classes for handling keys in the trie


The benchmarks can be found in the lazytx.benchmark package, where the main entry points are the following:

  • lazytx.benchmark.oltp.Ideas16: The OLTP benchmarks
  • lazytx.benchmark.transform.Ideas16: The bulk update benchmarks
  • lazytx.benchmark.memory.Ideas16: Memory consumption benchmarks

To run the benchmarks and reproduce the results from the paper, import the project into ScalaIDE, and run the main method of the respective classes.