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README of the Sokoban example

Given files

File Description This file
dlopen-impl.c Plugin implementation for any Sokoban board
sokoboard.c C code for an example Sokoban board
sokoboard.h C header file for any Sokoban board

Step 1: download and install the LTSmin toolset

Step 2: compile sources to object files

gcc -c -I/usr/local/include/ltsmin -I. -std=c99 -fPIC sokoboard.c
gcc -c -I/usr/local/include/ltsmin -I. -std=c99 -fPIC dlopen-impl.c

Step 3: create shared library

  • On Linux use: gcc -shared -o dlopen-impl.o sokoboard.o
  • On OS X use: gcc -shared -o -undefined dynamic_lookup dlopen-impl.o sokoboard.o

Step 4: run the example from the paper

pins2lts-seq --invariant="! goal" --trace=solution.gcf


pins2lts-seq: Registering PINS so language module
pins2lts-seq: Loading model from
pins2lts-seq: library has no initializer
pins2lts-seq: loading model sokoban
pins2lts-seq: completed loading model sokoban
pins2lts-seq: Expression is: (! goal)
pins2lts-seq: There are 1 state labels and 1 edge labels
pins2lts-seq: State length is 3, there are 3 groups
pins2lts-seq: Running dfs search strategy
pins2lts-seq: Using a tree for state storage
pins2lts-seq: Invariant violation (! goal) found at depth 2!
pins2lts-seq: Writing trace to solution.gcf
pins2lts-seq: exiting now

Investigating solution.gcf:

$ ltsmin-printtrace solution.gcf 2> /dev/null | grep action | cut -f2 -d=
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