Multi-core Decision Diagram (BDD/LDD) implementation
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Sylvan Build Status

Sylvan is a parallel (multi-core) MTBDD library written in C. Sylvan implements parallelized operations on BDDs, MTBDDs and LDDs. Both sequential and parallel BDD-based algorithms can benefit from parallelism. Sylvan uses the work-stealing framework Lace and parallel datastructures to implement scalable multi-core operations on decision diagrams.

Sylvan is developed (© 2011-2016) by the Formal Methods and Tools group at the University of Twente as part of the MaDriD project, which was funded by NWO, and (© 2016-2017) by the Formal Methods and Verification group at the Johannes Kepler University Linz as part of the RiSE project. Sylvan is licensed with the Apache 2.0 license.

The main author of Sylvan is Tom van Dijk who can be reached via Please let us know if you use Sylvan in your projects and if you need decision diagram operations that are currently not implemented in Sylvan.

The main repository of Sylvan is A mirror is available at

Bindings for other languages than C/C++ also exist:

Documentation is available at GitHub Pages.


T. van Dijk (2016) Sylvan: Multi-core Decision Diagrams. PhD Thesis.

T. van Dijk and J.C. van de Pol (2016) Sylvan: Multi-core Framework for Decision Diagrams. In: STTT (Special Issue), Springer.

T. van Dijk and J. van de Pol (2015) Sylvan: Multi-core Decision Diagrams. In: TACAS 2015, LNCS 9035. Springer.

T. van Dijk and A.W. Laarman and J. van de Pol (2012) Multi-Core BDD Operations for Symbolic Reachability. In: PDMC 2012, ENTCS. Elsevier.