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StoryFX is a desktop program for playing branching stories and other text games, powered by Kotlin!
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StoryFX is a desktop application for reading branching stories.

This repository also contains the source code for the libstorytree library, a library for reading stories that use the story.kts (Story Kotlin DSL) format.


Full license information for the files available here is available in the LICENSE information. This software is available under the MPL 2.0 license and is incompatible with secondary licenses. Refer to the header of each individual file for exact licensing details.

Important: This repository uses the MPL 2.0 license with the "incompatibility with secondary licenses" clause. This is not a mistake. I, the original author of the software, consider the GPL family of licenses to be harmful for developers and, ultimately, users. Thus, this software is not GPL-compatible.

In short: you are not able to publish any of this software in larger works governed by the GPL or AGPL licenses because of limitations from the GPL licenses themselves. You are still able to use this software in larger works governed by other licenses (including proprietary licenses). For more information, refer to the MPL license itself.

Additional resources

Some resources included in this repository are distributed under different license terms.

In /storyfx/src/main/resources/guru/zoroark/storyfx/font/:

  • The Merriweather font (files starting with "Merriweather"), distributed under the OFL 1.1 license
  • The Muli font (files starting with "Muli"), distributed under the OFL 1.1 license


Documentation on the creation of stories should come soon (maybe).

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