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A music editor for TI graphing calculators


HoustonTracker 2 is a software sequencer that enables you to create music on Texas Instruments graphing calculators. It uses the machines' communication port to output multi-channel 1-bit music. Its interface is inspired by popular trackers such as LSDJ, Famitracker, and Milkytracker.

HT2 supports several models of the Z80-based line of TI calculators. It is mainly targeted at older, obsolete models like the TI-82, but also works on TI-83, TI-83Plus/SE, and TI-84Plus/SE.

More information and online documentation can be found at

Note that the online documentation applies to the stable version of HT2, for the beta version refer to the manual in the /docs folder in source.


  • 3 tone channels
  • 1 non-interrupting drum channel
  • up to 128 note patterns
  • up to 64 drum/fx patterns
  • sequence length up to 255 pattern rows
  • 16-bit frequency precision
  • 8-bit speed precision, can be configured per step
  • various effects, including:
    • L/C/R stereo hard-panning for tone and drum channels
    • 8-bit duty cycle control
    • duty cycle sweep
  • 2 user definable samples
  • up to 8 savestates
  • edit during playback
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