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wtbeep v0.1 - 3 channel beeper engine
by utz 11'2016 * www.irrlichtproject.de


wtbeep is an experimental 3-channel beeper engine for the ZX Spectrum. It offers
a set of 32 different "waveforms" to chose from. Also included are two click
drums with configurable parameters.

Composing Music

Currently, no editor exists for wtbeep, so any music must be hand-crafted as
assembly data. See the following section on how to construct the necessary
music.asm files.


The following waveforms are available:

#00  50% square
#01  32% square
#02  25% square
#03  19% square
#04  12.5% square
#05  6.25% square
#06  duty sweep (fast)
#07  duty sweep (slow)
#08  duty sweep (very slow)
#09  duty sweep (very slow, inverted start duty)
#0a  duty sweep (slow) +octave
#0b  duty sweep (slow) -octave
#0c  duty sweep (fast) -octave
#0d  vowel 1
#0e  vowel 2
#0f  vowel 3
#10  vowel 4
#11  vowel 5
#12  vowel 6
#13  rasp 1
#14  rasp 2
#15  phat rasp
#16  phat 2
#17  phat 3
#18  phat 4
#19  phat 5
#1a  phat 6
#1b  phat 7
#1c  noise 1
#1d  noise 2
#1e  noise 3
#1f  noise 4

Waveforms #13..#16 and #19..#1b play 2 octaves lower, the lowest octaves are
pretty much useless in these cases.

Data Format

Music data for wtbeep follows the usual sequence-pattern approach.

The sequence contains one or more pointers to patterns, in the order in which
they are to be played. A label named "mLoop" must be present in the sequence to
determine the position the player will loop to after it has completed the 
sequence. (To disable looping, uncomment lines 30-31 in main.asm.) The sequence 
must be terminated with a 0-byte. The shortest legal sequence is thus:

   dw pattern
   dw 0

Patterns contain the actual musical score. wtbeep uses a rather compact scheme 
to encode pattern data.

word  bit     function
0     *       tempo*256|flags
      0       skip update ch1
      2       skip update ch2
      6       end of pattern (see below)
      7       skip update ch3
      8..15   tempo (row length as number of ticks/frames)

1     *       freq_div1|waveform1 (omitted when word 0, bit 0 set)
      0..10   frequency divider ch1
      11..15  waveform ch1
2     *       as above, but for ch2 (omitted when word 0, bit 2 set)

3     *       as above, but for ch3 (omitted when word 0, bit 3 set)

4     *       click drum
              Only one drum trigger can be used per row.
	      If no drum trigger is used, the high byte is omitted and only a
	      0-byte is written.
      0       trigger kick
      2       reset sweep counters
      6       trigger hihat
      8..15   click drum parameters
              for kick, bit 8..15 = initial pitch (higher value = higher pitch)
	      for noise, bit 8 sets type (lower pitch if set), bit 9..15 sets
	      volume (higher value = louder)

The first pattern in the sequence must set all parameters.
Word 1 must be set at the start of each pattern.
Each pattern must end with a pattern end flag (#40).

For further information, refer to the example music.asm file, and the equates.h