@utz82 utz82 released this Sep 20, 2017 · 66 commits to master since this release

Assets 4


  • randomize selection
  • select entries from drop-down lists with arrow keys and enter (suggested by garvalf)


  • ensure numerical string input correctness on French keyboards (reported by garvalf)
  • fix Alt++ (Alt+Shift+=) key combo for US/UK keyboards
  • fix display glitch when selecting a new block and first column of current block != 0 (reported by Tufty)
  • remove dependency on generic_loader.tap (reported by Tufty)
  • fix Alt+6 key combo for FR keyboards (reported by garvalf)
  • fill ZX48 ROM page with random data if spectrum48.rom not found
  • explicitly shutdown native dialog addon to prevent process zombification under Win (reported by Shiru)
  • fix spectrum48.rom not found error msg
  • fix key delay and add KEYREPEATDELAY settting (Jangler)
  • fix op precedence in mouse hander (Jangler)
  • fix CHAR_WIDTH macro name clash (reported by Jangler)
  • set default keyboard language to EN (reported by zlew)
  • work around liballeg not displaying custom buttons on Win native dialog (reported by zlew)