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* This is the bootloader for K2F. In order to use K2F in your system, just include this file.
* @copyright 2010 Covac Software
* @author K2F Team
* @version 28/08/2010 - Initial implementation.
* 10/01/2010 - Minor update to _k2f_boot_check: only the faulty extention is reported, not parent loaders AND also handles error_get_last - very helpful.
* @var string Used to check if files were loaded from K2F or not as well as K2F version.
* This function is to replace PHP's extremely buggy realpath().
* @param string The original path, can be relative etc.
* @return string The resolved path, it might not exist.
function truepath($path){
// whether $path is unix or not
$unipath=strlen($path)==0 || $path{0}!='/';
// attempts to detect if path is relative in which case, add cwd
if(strpos($path,':')===false && $unipath)
// resolve path parts (single dot, double dot and double delimiters)
$path = str_replace(array('/', '\\'), DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $path);
$parts = array_filter(explode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $path), 'strlen');
$absolutes = array();
foreach ($parts as $part) {
if ('.' == $part) continue;
if ('..' == $part) {
} else {
$absolutes[] = $part;
$path=implode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $absolutes);
// resolve any symlinks
if(file_exists($path) && linkinfo($path)>0)$path=readlink($path);
// put initial separator that could have been lost
$path=!$unipath ? '/'.$path : $path;
return $path;
* Core class for managing configuration.
* @copyright 2010 Covac Software
* @author K2F Team
* @version 28/08/2010
class CFG {
* @var boolean (default is true) Set this to false if you want to
* lock existing configuration settings so that they won't be overwritten
* this is useful in case where you want to set some config before
* actually loading the config file, so you ensure that the config file
* will not mess any settings you did earlier.
* @example
* CFG::set('DEBUG_MODE','console');
* CFG::$override=false;
* include_once('config.php');
public static $override=true;
* @var array Configuration storage.
private static $store=array();
* Set value of a configuration.
* @param string|array $config Either config name (string) or an array of name=>value pairs.
* @param string|null $value (Optional) The $config's new value or null when $config is an array.
public static function set($config,$value=null){
foreach($config as $name=>$value)
if(self::$override || !isset(self::$store[$name]))
}elseif(self::$override || !isset(self::$store[$config]))
* Returns the value of a configuration or the default value if not set.
* @param string $config The configuration name.
* @param mixed $default (Optional) returned when $config doesn't exist.
* @return mixed Configuration or default value.
public static function get($config,$default=null){
return isset(self::$store[$config]) ? self::$store[$config] : $default;
* Returns whether a config exists or not.
* @param string $config The configuration name.
* @return boolean Whether it exists or not.
public static function exists($config){
return isset(self::$store[$config]);
* Returns all of the current config.
* @return array Array of config details.
public static function all(){
return self::$store;
* Load any existing configuration in $GLOBALS['K2F_AUTOCONF'].<br>
* This feature is used in cases where you want to suppply certain settings<br>
* from outside of the framework (perhaps a main CMS or config file).<br>
* <b>IMPORTANT</b> Any configuration in this variable supersedes settings<br>
* in K2F's config.php, however, settings can be changed later on normally.
* <b>IMPORTANT</b> This global variable is removed later on, as a<br>
* security precaution.
* Load configuration details.
* This holds initial logging information.
* This is a buffered version of xlog; data is stored internally until
* xlog is initialized. After xlog initialization, any calls to this
* function are routed directly to xlog.
function xlogb(){
* This function is called to handled any buffered xlog calls.
function xlogh(){
foreach($GLOBALS['K2F_XLGBF'] as $args)
xlogb('Verbose debug mode is on.');
xlogb('Configuration loaded:',CFG::all());
* This function is a better way for including extra files.
* @param string Any number of parameters will be loaded as files.
* @todo Needs a complete rewrite, too much unintuitive code!
function uses(){
foreach(func_get_args() as $file){
xlogb(str_repeat(' ',$GLOBALS['K2F_BINDT']).'Boot is loading "'.basename($file).'"');
if(!(include_once $file)){
xlogb(str_repeat(' ',$GLOBALS['K2F_BINDT']).'Error: included file "'.$file.'" not found');
die('A required file could not be found.');
xlogb(str_repeat(' ',$GLOBALS['K2F_BINDT']).'Boot loaded "'.basename($file).'" in '
.number_format(microtime(true)-$prof,6).'s. Headers? '.(headers_sent()?'Sent':'None'));
* Boot sequence supervisor and general profiler.
function _k2f_boot_check3(){ // the real supervisor function (complete with profiling)
foreach(array_reverse($GLOBALS['K2F_FILES']) as $file=>$load)
xlog('Error: Boot sequence aborted due to faulty extension: ',$file,'Last Known Error:',error_get_last());
die('Error: Boot sequence aborted due to faulty extension: '.basename($file));
// the following is a list of possibles errors thrown by careless CMSes and which we don't we'll just ignore.
if(is_object($err=error_get_last()) && ($err->type & $ignore))
xlog('Error: General Script Failure',$err);
xlog('K2F Finished in ~'.$t.'s taking ~'.$m.' (peak '.$p.').');
// gather initial profiler details
// the following code ensures the real function is called at the very last
function _k2f_boot_check1(){ register_shutdown_function('_k2f_boot_check2'); }
function _k2f_boot_check2(){ register_shutdown_function('_k2f_boot_check3'); }
// trigger event if Event support is enabled (before boot?)
// load core classes
foreach(glob(CFG::get('ABS_K2F').'core/*.php') as $file)
// trigger event if Event support is enabled