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Gatsby starter for creating a blog, without the CSS and typography included in the official gatsby-starter-blog.

The gatsby-starter-blog makes some decisions about styling that you might not want (inline css, react-responsive-grid, gatsby-plugin-typography/compass-vertical-rhythm).

In my case, I want to use Styled Components (which Gatsby also has a plugin for), so I ousted the aforementioned libraries and styles first and thought this no-styles starter could be useful to others.

Get Blogging

  1. Install Gatsby-CLI

    npm install --global gatsby-cli

  2. Create new Gatsby project using this starter

    gatsby new my-gatsby-blog

  3. Run Development Server

    gatsby develop

  4. Add Posts

    See the example posts in the folder src/pages and use the same naming convention. e.g. /2017-09-13-post-title/

  5. Deploy

    Follow the Gatsby docs for a super easy way to deploy using

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