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<!-- Flag to start recoding a rosbag -->
<arg name="record" default="false"/>
<!-- Initial position and heading of the vehicle (wrt Gazebo's inertial frame) -->
<arg name="x" default="0"/>
<arg name="y" default="0"/>
<arg name="z" default="-20"/>
<arg name="yaw" default="0"/>
<arg name="use_ned_frame" default="false"/>
<!-- Initialize the Gazebo world -->
<include file="$(find uuv_gazebo_worlds)/launch/ocean_waves.launch"/>
<!-- Add the RexROV vehicle to the world -->
<include file="$(find uuv_descriptions)/launch/upload_rexrov.launch">
<arg name="x" default="$(arg x)"/>
<arg name="y" default="$(arg y)"/>
<arg name="z" default="$(arg z)"/>
<arg name="yaw" default="$(arg yaw)"/>
<arg name="use_ned_frame" value="$(arg use_ned_frame)"/>
<!-- Start the PID controller with its default parameters for the RexROV vehicle -->
<include file="$(find uuv_trajectory_control)/launch/rov_pid_controller.launch">
<arg name="uuv_name" value="rexrov"/>
<arg name="model_name" value="rexrov"/>
<arg name="use_ned_frame" value="$(arg use_ned_frame)"/>
<!-- Initialize the recording fo the simulation according to the record flag -->
<include file="$(find uuv_gazebo)/launch/controller_demos/record_demo.launch">
<arg name="record" value="$(arg record)"/>
<arg name="use_ned_frame" value="$(arg use_ned_frame)"/>
<!-- Start RViz -->
<node name="rviz" pkg="rviz" type="rviz" output="screen" args="-d $(find uuv_gazebo)/rviz/controller_demo.rviz"/>
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