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<!-- Remember to first launch Gazebo with a underwater world model
>> roslaunch uuv_description ocean_waves.launch
>> roslaunch uuv_description empty_underwater_world.launch
The default joystick configuration is set for the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
<arg name="namespace" default="rexrov"/>
<arg name="joy_id" default="0"/>
<arg name="x" default="0"/>
<arg name="y" default="0"/>
<arg name="z" default="-20"/>
<arg name="yaw" default="0.0"/>
<include file="$(find uuv_gazebo)/launch/rexrov_demos/rexrov_oberon4_demo.launch">
<arg name="namespace" value="$(arg namespace)"/>
<arg name="joy_id" value="$(arg joy_id)"/>
<!-- Starting position -->
<arg name="x" value="$(arg x)"/>
<arg name="y" value="$(arg y)"/>
<arg name="z" value="$(arg z)"/>
<arg name="yaw" value="$(arg yaw)"/>
<!-- Joystick mapping for the vehicle control -->
<arg name="axis_yaw" value="2"/>
<arg name="axis_x" value="1"/>
<arg name="axis_y" value="0"/>
<arg name="axis_z" value="5"/>
<arg name="deadman_button" value="-1"/>
<arg name="exclusion_buttons" value="1"/>
<!-- Joystick mapping for the joint control node -->
<arg name="axis_oberon_azimuth" value="2"/>
<arg name="axis_oberon_shoulder" value="1"/>
<arg name="axis_oberon_wrist" value="0"/>
<arg name="oberon_exclusion_button" value="0"/>
<arg name="oberon_deadman_button" value="1"/>
<arg name="oberon_home_button" value="6"/>
<arg name="gripper_open_button" value="11"/>
<arg name="gripper_close_button" value="10"/>
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