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Graduate Handbook for the Department of Computer Science at the Unviersity of Virginia

This is the LaTeX source of the UVa CS graduate handbook that is made available to all graduate students. The source for the department's undergraduate handbook is also available online.

The current version will always be available, in PDF form, online at http://www.cs.virginia.edu/acad/

People should NOT look at the current working copy herein (in the various .tex files in this repository) for the current version -- the .tex files are typically works in progress, and are often edited before the changes that they describe actually take effect. Instead, look at the latest version in the releases/ directory, as PDFs of all the formal releases (the versions that are printed) are included there.

The primary author of this handbook is Westley Weimer (weimer@cs.virginia.edu, github.com/weimer). If you have any suggestions, corrections, etc., please either execute a pull request or contact him.