Automatic Python imports
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Automatic Python imports


The autoimp module imports all available Python modules automatically at the Python interactive prompt, similarly to Matlab:

>>> from autoimp import *
>>> os.stat('.')
>>> numpy.zeros(5)
>>> np.zeros(5)                      # 'np' is an alias for 'numpy'.
>>> pylab.plot([1,2],[3,4])
>>> scipy.linalg.eig([[1,2],[3,4]])  # Sub-modules are also auto-imported
>>>'a.png')       # Another sub-module example
>>> ...

The modules imported from autoimp are proxy objects which lazily load when they are first used.

Python Versions

The autoimp module has been tested on Python 2.7 and 3.3. It has been updated occasionally since it was created in 2006.


All related source code and documents are licensed under the MIT license.


To install autoimp, use:

sudo pip install autoimp

To properly use autoimp, you should set your PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable to point to a .py file containing the following text:

from autoimp import *

Now, all modules are automatically imported and made available in your interactive Python sessions.