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Invitation to the Undergraduate Math Club
2017-08-25 06:30:00 -0700
news events
Activities at the math club
UVA Central Grounds

Welcome to the new academic year!

If you are a student interested in mathematics, you are invited to our Math Club

The Undergraduate Math Club at University of Virginia is a weekly seminar and a club for students interested in mathematics and related areas. The regular meeting times (with pizza) of the Club are on Tuesdays at 5pm. An up-to-date calendar of meetings is here.

The first meeting is on Tuesday, September 5, at 5pm in Kerchof 314 (math lounge). Pizza is provided

If you want to join the Math Club mailing list (announcing weekly meetings and occasionally sending other interesting information), email {% include person_info_email_only.html UVA_id="aso9t" %} or {% include person_info_email_only.html UVA_id="sm4cw" %}

The Math Club is a students' space having an official UVA CIO status (a student-lead organization). This provides the Club with a student managing board which helps plan and organize events. {% include person_info_email_only.html UVA_id="aso9t" %} and {% include person_info_email_only.html UVA_id="sm4cw" %} are the faculty coordinators of the Club for the 2017-18 academic year.

The activities at the Math Club include, but are not limited to:

  • talks by math faculty and graduate students, from the UVA Math Department, or visiting here
  • math-related talks by people from other UVA departments (for example, Physics or Philosophy)
  • presentations by local math-related industry companies
  • presentations by undergraduate students on their research projects, activities, or something they find interesting
  • panel discussions (for example, on REUs, or on careers for math majors)
  • outside trips (such as to a math-related movie, or to the UVA 3D printing lab)
  • organization of MMATHS, a nation-wide competition for high school students co-hosted at UVA

You can check out past Math Club activities at its page {{site.url}}/seminars/mathclub/. The Math Club is always open to ideas of other activities - please come to the first meeting (Tuesday, September 5, at 5pm in Kerchof 314 - math lounge), and suggest an activity!