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New to the department?
New to the department?

New to the Department?

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics! Below is some information to get you started:
  • University ID and Computing New faculty/staff begin here

  • Software Gateway provides access to site-licensed software that can be distributed to members of the University at no charge. Our local IT person is {% include person_info.html UVA_id="sgk4n" %}

  • Setting up Direct Deposit: In order to set up direct deposit for your paycheck, you will need to have an account on the University’s Integrated System

  • Teaching: SIS (Student Information System) at UVa. Instructors use SIS to generate class rosters and submit grades

  • Collab (Online Collaboration and Learning Environment) Instructors may create course sites with official class rosters. We encourage all instructors to load their syllabus and other coursework on Collab rather than making copies

  • Books: The Department will provide instructors with desk copies for their courses. See the front office (room 216).

  • Graders: The Department provides graders for courses in the 2000-5000 level with good enrollment (> 20). Grader applications are held by {% include person_info.html UVA_id="zk4g" %}. You may search the applications, select a grader, and contact the student to confirm. The grader obtains a book from the front office (room 216) and sees {% include person_info_email_only.html UVA_id="zk4g" %} to complete paperwork.

  • Course Enrollments: Students enroll in their courses through SIS. SIS maintains waiting lists for courses and automatically enrolls waitlisted students as space comes available. Situations may arise when students cannot enroll through SIS and need a Course Action Form signed to put them in your class. Students should submit signed Course Action Forms to the front office (room 216).

  • Scheduling Classrooms: If your classroom is not the right size or you wish to reserve a classroom for a review session, makeup exam, etc., see the front office (room 216), or email directly to

  • To see available rooms (for classes and other events): Visit However, some rooms in Kerchof Hall are not included in the system - ask {% include person_info_email_only.html UVA_id="aab8b" %} about those.

  • Copying Exams: The Department has a copier/scanner (room 203) and floor printers (rooms 313, 118) for printing. You should be able to print from your office computer to any of these printers. To use the copier, you need to obtain the passcode from {% include person_info.html UVA_id="zk4g" %}. There is also a copier in the Library (room 107); obtain a copy card from {% include person_info_email_only.html UVA_id="zk4g" %}. Large print jobs may be sent to the Copy Center through {% include person_info.html UVA_id="raj3e" %}.

  • Telephone: To make a call within the University, dial the last 5 digits of the number (ex. 4-4900). To call outside the University, dial 9 for an outside line. To make long distance calls, please request an FAC number from {% include person_info.html UVA_id="zk4g" %}. See information at Telephone Counselor for Math is {% include person_info.html UVA_id="aab8b" %}

  • Mobile Devices at UVa:

  • Advanced Research Computing Services:, and in particular Rivanna Cluster

  • Math Department Tea Time is every Tuesday and Thursday during the semester in Kerchof 314 (Math Lounge / Common Room), starting at 3:15.

  • Mailboxes: Everyone has a mailbox in the mailroom (off the Lobby on the main floor).

  • Supply Room (220): The Supply Room has paper, pens, chalk, toner cartridges, and other supplies. There is also a refrigerator, microwave, and FAX machine. You may check out a projector with Raven James {% include person_info.html UVA_id="raj3e" %}.