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Degree requirements

Degree requirements

  • [Requirements]({{ site.url }}/undergraduate/docs/2018-07-Update - changes to mathematics major.pdf) for Obtaining a Major in Mathematics
  • [Declaration of math major form]({{ site.url }}/undergraduate/docs/S18-Math Major Declaration form.pdf)
  • [Requirements]({{ site.url }}/undergraduate/docs/Requirements for declaring a Minor in Mathematics (1) (1) (1)_0.pdf) for Obtaining a Minor in Mathematics
  • [Declaration of math minor form]({{ site.url }}/undergraduate/docs/S18-Math Minor Declaration Form.pdf)

To Declare a Major/Minor:

- {% include person_info_OH.html UVA_id="aa4cr" %} - {% include person_info_OH.html UVA_id="pa8e" %} - {% include person_info_OH.html UVA_id="brh5c" %} - {% include person_info_OH.html UVA_id="iwh" %} - {% include person_info_OH.html UVA_id="des5e" %}

Note: If you would like to have a course count toward your major/minor, but it is not on the list of approved courses, please take the following fillable form to your advisor for approval and a signature: Course Exception for a Major/Minor in Mathematics