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title: Transfer of credit
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permalink: /undergraduate/transfer-credit/
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<h1 class="mb-3">Transfer of Credit</h1>
<a href="">Information and requirements</a>&nbsp;for transfer of credit. Transfer of credit advisors: {% include person_info_no_phone.html UVA_id="iwh" %} and {% include person_info_no_phone.html UVA_id="pa8e" %}<span style="margin-left:-4px"></span>.
- [Transfer of credit information]({{site.url}}/undergraduate/docs/transfer credit Information.pdf)
- [Transfer of credit - Domestic]({{site.url}}/undergraduate/docs/Transfer of Credit - Domestic.pdf)
- [International Baccalaureate]({{site.url}}/undergraduate/docs/International Baccalaureate.pdf)