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Undergraduate program policies

Note: The information and policies contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at

Policies FAQ

  • If you are unsure about which UVa Mathematics course should be your first, consult the Department's Placement Policy. If you have a question about mathematics placement, contact your faculty advisor.

  • How to set up an online advising schedule:

  • When can an undergraduate add more than 15 credit-hours?

  • How do I compute my MATH GPA? To compute the MATH GPA, use the nine MATH courses that SIS shows were required for the major.

  • Can students in the 5 year BA/MT program participate in their 4th-year graduation? Yes, complete the [Participation in Final Exercises by BA Form]({{site.url}}/undergraduate/docs/Participation in Final Exercises by BA.pdf).

  • How to check on UVA courses?

  • What courses can I transfer to UVA?

  • Can I double count some courses? Yes. The current policy is given in the Undergraduate Record: “Up to two courses that are being counted for another College major can also be counted for the major in mathematics. Three courses may be allowed if the other major is interdisciplinary.” See also Double counting for SEAS

  • Course action form:

  • [If I need precalculus...]({{ site.url }}/undergraduate/docs/If I need precalculus....pdf)

  • [If I took the wrong calculus course....]({{ site.url }}/undergraduate/docs/If I took the wrong calculus course....pdf)

  • [Undergraduates taking graduate courses]({{site.url}}/undergraduate/docs/Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses.pdf)

  • [Reasons one might not get into PBK]({{site.url}}/undergraduate/docs/Reasons one did not get into PBK.pdf)