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Build Status

SOM Research Computing Website

Production URL:


  • Install the HUGO binary on your local computer. For more information, see the Hugo GitHub repo:
  • Clone this website repository: git clone

Create new content

Follow guidelines from But essentially you use the hugo new command declaring the path to the .md object you want to create.

About front matter metadata (at the head of each object):

categories = [
tags = [
draft = false
date = "2016-12-20T09:07:38-05:00"
title = "Another Post Title Goes Here"
images = [
description = "This is where a brief page description could go."

Featured Content

To "feature" a post on the home page (which displays 2 most recent feature posts), simply add a TAG with the value feature.

tags = ["feature","another-tag","yet-another-tag"]

Preview your content locally

hugo server will bring up the local Node.js server and give you a preview URL http://localhost:1313/

Publish your content

Simply push master or staging back to GitHub. Travis will handle it from there.

Delete content

  • Delete the .md object(s) you no longer want in the site, then commit and push.
  • To temporarily remove content, set the draft status of any .md object to true.
  • Republishing deletes remote files in S3.

Modify the theme:

  • HUGO themes can be browsed here.
  • Themes for HUGO are written using the TwiMG syntax. This can be found within various files/folders of the themes/xxxxx dir.
  • Themes are (usually) standalone repositories themselves, unless customized, as in this case. You can try out a new theme by cloning its repo into the /themes/ dir, and then changing config.toml to identify the theme you wish to use before you build again.
  • Changes to /static/css/style.css and /static/js/scripts.js are automatically minified using yuicompressor.

Events Data

The "Training" widget and workshops page are both fed from a JSON API connected to the portal. They are updated when the site is published (by hand) or every 24 hours by a Travis-CI cron job.