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Provide your customers with convenience by introducing the Support Center Portal to your UVDesk Community Helpdesk System.
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The UVDeskSupportCenterBundle introduces the Support Center portal to the UVDesk Community helpdesk, a nifty solution to provide your customers with an easy interface to manage their tickets and easily engage with your support staff. The Support Center also includes a Knowledgebase that can be easily managed by your support staff.

The support center bundle comes loaded with the following features:

  • Knowledgebase - Publish articles and group them into Folders and Categories

  • Customer Ticket Portal - Enable web login for your customers to manage their tickets through an easy-to-use interface


Before installing, make sure that you have Composer installed.

To require the support center bundle into your uvdesk community helpdesk project, simply run the following from your project root:

$ composer require uvdesk/support-center-bundle


The UVDeskSupportCenterBundle and libraries included within the bundle are released under the MIT or BSD license.

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