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Script for creating and saving optophonic sounds for playback with Part of the Optophone Kit
and the Kits for Cultural History series by the MLab at the
University of Victoria (
Link to the Optophone Kit repository:
This script synthesizes tones of a particular frequency and
duration into a single .wav file.
import math
import wave
import struct
frate = 44100.00
amp = 8000.0
sine_list = []
datasize = 0
#Define function for combining sounds, synthesizing them into one chord
#freq = pitch, coef = amplitude, datalength = length, fname = name of wav file
def synthComplex(freq=[], coef=[], datalength=10000):
#returns a tone for each number in datasize and appends it to a list
for x in range(datalength):
samp = 0
for k in range(len(freq)):
samp = samp + coef[k] * math.sin(2*math.pi*freq[k]*(x/frate)) #the equation for creating a pure sine wav
Synthesize the sounds by filling in the synthComplex functions
below and "uncommenting them" (deleting the hashtag at the start
of the line).
Inside synthComplex(), replace the first [] with the desired
frequencies, the second [] with the amplitude, and the last no.
with the length in milliseconds.
For more on how the schema works, see
#synthComplex([784, 740, 659, 587, 523], [1, 1, 1, 1, 1], 2500)
#synthComplex([], [], 2500)
#Write the sounds into a single .wav file
def synthMelody():"name.wav","w") #replace name.wav with your own file name
nchannels = 1
sampwidth = 2
framerate = int(frate)
comptype= "NONE"
compname= "not compressed"
wav_file.setparams((nchannels, sampwidth, framerate, nframes, comptype, compname))
for s in sine_list:
wav_file.writeframes(struct.pack('h', int(s*amp/2)))