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Framingham Risk Calculator FHIR Tutorial


Install these on your system before the tutorials!

Test Your System

First Steps

  1. Clone the tutorial from Github.

  2. Clone your project to your computer

    • Open a terminal or Git Bash
    • Navigate to a folder where you want to keep your project. For example: cd C:/Users/Piotr/code
    • Find the project url by clicking the Clone or download green button on your top right corner of your Github project page and copying it to your clipboard.
    • Run the following command in the terminal to clone this project into the chosen folder: git clone [url-copied-in-previous step]
    • When you open your chosen folder, you should see the project files in a directory called fhir-calculator-tutorial.
  3. Open your project folder in your text editor for this tutorial to be able to view and change the files. We'll be using VS Code - so if you're also using that editor, go to File/Open Folder... to accomplish this step.


If you are getting an error saying Anaconda can't find the fhirclient module, you have to make sure you're installing the package in a way that the jupyter environment can load it. If doing a global pip install fhirclient does not work:

  1. Open your Anaconda Prompt.
  2. Type jupyter console.
  3. Paste the following code to make sure fhirclient (or any other missing packages) are installed where Anaconda can access it.
# Install a pip package in the current Jupyter kernel
import sys
!{sys.executable} -m pip install fhirclient

(see for more info)

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