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xiw llvm: add null and undef back
We removed both while moving to the FFI-based frontend, since the
monitors didn't need them.  For now only equality checking with
null is supported.
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scripts Update serval dockerfile Dec 7, 2019
serval llvm: add null and undef back Dec 13, 2019
test BPF: add support for JMP32 Dec 7, 2019
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This repository contains the actively developed version of Serval. It may be unstable and break backward compatibility with previous versions of Serval. We recommend using this version unless you have a specific need to use an older version.

You can obtain older, stable snapshots of previous versions of Serval in two ways. Note that these snapshots are not under active development.

  • The SOSP'19 artifact repository contains a version of Serval used to verify the security monitors described in the paper.

  • The SOSP'19 tutorial materials contains a version of Serval that is used to verify a toy system. This version is useful for learning, but we do not recommend using it to verify a real system.


To install serval, first install Racket, then run

raco pkg install

from the root directory of this repository.

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