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Project Plan

Idea description / Requirements.

In an effort to push for ways to build healthy habits, our idea is to build a mobile application for users of Android devices to enable them to take control of their water intake.

To do so, our application should be able to:

  • set up:

    User would enter their weight and based on that information the app would then calculate the average amount of water that they need to drink.

  • record:

    User would keep track of their daily intake

  • remember:

    User would be reminded with push notifications or otherwise to drink water at specific times.

  • learn about healthy habits:

    User would learn more about water intake and other healthy habits through the use of fun facts displayed prominently in the app.

Schedule, breakdown of the timeline.

Team plans on holding weekly sprint meetings to check in on progress of the progress. First meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

Division of work and assignment to each team member.

All features are split equally between team members with each one assigned with one particular feature.

  • Ha Eun Jo: set up
  • Tenzin Choeying: record
  • Alex Keating (Team Lead): remember
  • Aury Bwashi: learn about healthy habits.