Wrappers for crowdsourcing datasets
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Crowdsourcing Datasets.

crowddata.answers contains wrappers for datasets with worker answers. crowddata.answers.Data.from_lin_aaai12() loads datasets described in [1], and referred to as LinWiki and LinTag in [2]. crowddata.questions contains resources relating to questions for workers. (Incomplete)

Data available on request for research purposes.

Dataset creation for [3]

The Travel dataset in [3] was created by executing:

python -c 'import crowddata.questions.dmoz_data as dd; dd.make_travel_dataset()'
python -c "import os; import crowddata.questions.util as ut; ut.partition(os.path.join(os.environ['DMOZ_TRAVEL_WEB'], 'data.json')), [300, 100, -1], priorities=[0, 1, 1], seed=0)"

The Cars dataset in [3] was created by executing:

python -c 'import crowddata.questions.imagenet_data as ID; ID.make_car_or_not_dataset()'
python -c "import crowddata.questions.util as ut; ut.partition(os.path.join(os.environ['CAR_OR_NOT_WEB']/data.json', [300, 100, -1], priorities=[0, 1, 1], seed=0)"