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The VERP Explorer

The VERP (Visualization of Eye movements with Recurrence Plots) Explorer is a visual analysis tool for exploring eye movements during visual-cognitive tasks. It couples several spatial eye-movement visualizations with recurrence plots that reveal patterns of revisitation over time.

Until we prepare a proper documentation, please refer to this draft for details.


  • The VERP Explorer is a web application. You can run a deployed copy from here.

    • Two synthetic datasets, data/lorenz and data/sin, in the repo should help you jump start, particularly if you're curious about recurrence plots. Also, check out this short video.
  • The VERP Explorer has been tested only on Chrome browser and is best viewed in browser's full screen mode.

File formats

Build & Develop

  • In order to build the VERP Explorer you need to have node.js and bower installed.

  • Once you have the above, get a local copy of the repo either by using git clone or downloading the zipped folder.

  • Then, to build, run npm install and bower install from the project directory.

  • Run grunt serve for preview.