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Welcome to the gams2gams wiki!

A GAMS utility to write GAMS data to external files


GAMS2GAMS is GAMS utility which facilitates writing of GAMS data to an external ascii file. This can be useful to produce a clean input data file after many calculations with original data from different sources.


There are two alternative installation options. The minimum installation is easier and quicker. The installation through a compilation file allows you to change some options.

A) Minimum installation (no compilation)

Download gams2gams.gms file and place in .\inclib sub-directory of GAMS system directory

B) Installation with compilation

Download compilation file (1_compile_gams2gams.gms)

Open 1_compile_gams2gams.gms in editor

Optional: Adjust scope of the interface (SCALAR maxcolcount, SET dimensions, SET arguments) - If you use higher values, the interface will be slower

Run 1_compile_gams2gams.gms in GAMS (This will install two file in the .\inclib subdirectory)

Basic Syntax

$libinclude gams2gams <parameter1> [<parameter2>]

Format Options

The following options can be used to adjust the arrangement of data in the output file.

$setglobal gams2gams_nd <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_nw <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_lw <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_tw <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_nj <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_lj <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_tj <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_startcolumlabel <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_advancecolumlabel <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_movecollabeltoright <#>

$setglobal gams2gams_quotes <yes/no> Example

$setglobal gams2gams_filename <filename without extension>



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