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Welcome to the gamsmemory wiki!

GAMS Memory Analysis Tool


This GAMS add-on ranks GAMS items (parameters, variables, equations, sets) from highest to lowest memory occupation. This information can be used to check whether parameters, equations, variables are conditioned correctly. It can also help in deciding whether to kill GAMS items.

General Instructions

  1. insert the following statement within a GAMS program; i.e. where you want to create a memory ranking

option dmpsym;

  1. run the associated GAMS program

  2. copy this file (0_memory.gms) to your GAMS project and open it in editor, i.e. in GAMSIDE

  3. enter/replace the correct name in the following statement

$setglobal list_file_name <filename stem>

where filename stem refers to the name of the file (without extension) which was run in 2.

  1. run 0_memory.gms

  2. open 0_memory.lst and search for the displayed parameters

Revision notes

  • 1/23/2015: fixed bug that occured when the program was used on a gams file that did not contain at least one instance of all four gams types (sets, parameters, variables, equations).
  • 2/6/2015: fixed bug that occured when the size of a GAMS symbol was so large that in the output of dmpsym the columns for DIM-OK and LENGTH did not leave a space inbetween.
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