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const partition: 0.5;
const epsilon: 0.0000106;
def mod(x, n): x - int(x/n)*n;
def cell(v): int((v - mod(v, partition)) * (1/partition));
def is_ghost(xoffset, yoffset, zoffset):
case when xoffset = 0 and
yoffset = 0 and
zoffset = 0 then 0 else 1 end;
def is_replicated(x, y, z, xoffset, yoffset, zoffset):
is_ghost(xoffset, yoffset, zoffset) = 0 or
cell(x + epsilon*xoffset) != cell(x) or
cell(y + epsilon*yoffset) != cell(y) or
cell(z + epsilon*zoffset) != cell(z);
def distance(x1, x2, y1, y2, z1, z2): sqrt((x1-x2)*(x1-x2) +
(y1-y2)*(y1-y2) +
points = load("",
z:float), skip=0));
permutations = load("",
zoffset:int), skip=0));
-- Partition into a grid with edges of size partition
-- Replicate any point that falls within epsilon of a partition boundary
partitions = [from points, permutations
where is_replicated(x, y, z, xoffset, yoffset, zoffset)
emit id, x, y, z,
cell(x) + xoffset as px,
cell(y) + yoffset as py,
cell(z) + zoffset as pz,
is_ghost(xoffset, yoffset, zoffset) as ghost];
-- Cross product on partition + ghost cells; no shuffle required
local = [from partitions left,
partitions right
where left.px = right.px and = and
left.pz = right.pz
emit *];
-- Calculate distances within each local pair and filter outliers
distances = [from local
where id < id1 and
ghost = 0 and
distance(x, x1, y, y1, z, z1) <= epsilon
emit id as id1,
id1 as id2,
distance(x, x1, y, y1, z, z1) as distance];
store(distances, distances);