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The current UWaterloo Humans vs Zombies website, built with Django.
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University of Waterloo - Humans vs Zombies


The latest UWaterloo HvZ website. Built on Django.

Development Setup

To start a local server, do the following:

git clone
pipenv install
pipenv shell
python migrate
python runserver

To make a migration after changing models, etc., use python makemigrations app.

Production Setup


The site is currently hosted on: Computer Science Club (CSC) servers.

We use a detached screen to run Gunicorn, which lets us run the site. Important commands include:

  • screen -ls: should list exactly one detached screen where Gunicorn is running the site
  • screen -r: resumes the Gunicorn screen

If no screen is found, do the following:

source venv/bin/activate
gunicorn --bind uwhvz.wsgi

Exit out of the screen session (but keep it running) with Ctrl+A+D, and then check if the website is running. If so, you're all set.


If frontend-related changes are not refreshed on the site originally upon pulling, use python collectstatic, and restart the server. If that doesn't work, do the following:

rm -rf /static/
python collectstatic
python compress --engine jinja2

The last line is for optimizing the size of our assets. Failing to run the last line will cause a 500 error.

Useful things

  • Generate a bunch of fake data for testing purposes: python seed_data


  1. If anything is wrong, make an issue on the repo.
  2. If you are willing to take an issue/task on, do step 1, assign yourself, and make a PR!
  3. Your PR needs to be approved by either Tiffany Yeung or Tristan Ohlson.
  4. Once you're approved, you can merge and celebrate 🎉
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