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edgurgel opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Eduardo Gurgel Ulf Wiger
Eduardo Gurgel

The Modules section ( has links to docs, but the repository is not @uwiger, but @esl.

Is it correct? I keep changing repositories when I read these links....

Ulf Wiger

This is an artefact of edown and the fact that gproc is pushed to two different repositories. I try to keep them in synch, so hesitate to push different sources to each, which would generate merge conflicts.

One solution would be to push only to uwiger. Another would be to figure out how to get edown to make these links relative. Suggestions are welcome.

Eduardo Gurgel

No problem then. I was just checking if it was expected. Thank you for your attention.

Eduardo Gurgel edgurgel closed this
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