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@author Ulf Wiger <>
@doc A generic parse transform library
This library is intended to simplify the task of writing parse transform
modules for Erlang.
<h1>Introduction to parse transforms</h1>
<h2>The simplest transform</h2>
<p>The very simplest transform we can make is one that doesn't
change a thing. For convenience, we will at least print the forms.
This will enlighten us as to what the forms actually look like.</p>
parse_transform(Forms, _Options) -&gt;
io:fwrite("Forms = ~p~n", [Forms]),
<p>Trying this with a very simple module:</p>
add(X,Y) -&gt;
X + Y.
1&gt; c(ex1, [{parse_transform,test_pt}]).
Forms = [{attribute,1,file,{"./ex1.erl",1}},
<h1>Current limitations</h1>
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