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  1. puddle puddle Public archive

    A system for high-level, reliable programming of microfluidic devices

    Rust 35 11

  2. purpledrop purpledrop Public

    Newest iteration of PurpleDrop. Reimplemented in kicad5

    12 1

  3. data-nbt17 data-nbt17 Public

    Data for paper "Random Access in Large-Scale DNA Data Storage"

    8 2

  4. Porcupine Porcupine Public

    Porcupine is a molecular tagging system to tag physical objects with DNA.

    Jupyter Notebook 6 2

  5. nupyck nupyck Public

    efficient python bindings for NUPACK

    Python 5 1

  6. NanoporeTERs NanoporeTERs Public

    Code repository for 2019 NanoporeTERs paper.

    Jupyter Notebook 5 1


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