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Recursive driver
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HazardousPeach committed Feb 14, 2014
2 parents 7082c56 + f6eed57 commit 0bfaaed0d2aaee6e1c274f4694fda39a39e88ecb
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  1. +75 −45 casio/main.rkt
@@ -255,41 +255,39 @@
[pts* (filter-points pts exacts)]
[exacts* (filter-exacts pts exacts)])
(values pts* exacts*)))
(provide prepare-points)
(define (errors prog points exacts)
(let ([fn (eval-prog prog mode:fl)])
(for/list ([point points] [exact exacts])
(relative-error (fn point) exact))))
(define errors-compare-cache (make-hash))
(define errors-compare-cache (make-hasheq))
(define (reasonable-error? x)
(not (or (= x 1.0) (infinite? x) (nan? x))))
(define (errors-compare errors1 errors2)
(map (λ (x) (cond [(< x 0) '<] [(> x 0) '>] [#t '=]))
(errors-difference errors1 errors2)))
(define (errors-difference errors1 errors2)
(hash-ref! errors-compare-cache errors1 make-hash)
(hash-ref! errors-compare-cache errors1 make-hasheq)
(λ ()
(for/list ([error1 errors1] [error2 errors2])
[(and (ordinary-float? error1) (ordinary-float? error2))
[(< error1 error2) '<]
[(= error1 error2) '=]
[(> error1 error2) '>]
[#t (error "Cannot compare error1 and error2" error1 error2)])]
[(or (and (ordinary-float? error1) (not (ordinary-float? error2))))
[(or (and (not (ordinary-float? error1)) (ordinary-float? error2)))
[(and (infinite? error1) (infinite? error2))
[(and (infinite? error1) (nan? error2))
[(and (nan? error1) (infinite? error2))
[(and (nan? error1) (nan? error2))
[#t (error "Failed to classify error1 and error2" error1 error2)])))
[(and (reasonable-error? error1) (reasonable-error? error2))
(if (and (= error1 0) (= error2 0))
(log (/ error1 error2)))]
[(or (and (reasonable-error? error1) (not (reasonable-error? error2))))
[(or (and (not (reasonable-error? error1)) (reasonable-error? error2)))
[#t (error "Failed to classify error1 and error2" error1 error2)])))))
;; Now we define our rewrite rules.
@@ -499,7 +497,7 @@
;; This is an A* search internally.
(define (brute-force-search prog iters points exacts)
(define (brute-force-search alt iters points exacts)
"Brute-force search for a better version of `prog`,
giving up after `iters` iterations without progress"
@@ -537,23 +535,26 @@
(let* ([parent (car options)]
[parent-stripped (if (green-tipped? parent)
(remove-red parent)
[rest (cdr options)]
[children (generate-alternatives parent-stripped)])
[children (generate-alternatives parent)])
(sort (append rest (filter (negate duplicate?) children)) alternative<?)
(cons parent-stripped done))))
(append rest (filter (negate duplicate?) children))
(cons parent done))))
(let loop ([options (list (init-alternative prog))]
(let loop ([best-option alt]
[options '()]
[done '()])
(if (or (null? options)
(if (or (null? (cons best-option options))
(>= (length done) iters))
(car (sort (append options done) alternative<?))
(let-values ([(options* done*)
(step options done)])
(loop options* done*)))))
(step (cons best-option options) done)])
(let* ([sorted-options* (sort (append options* done) alternative<?)]
[best-option* (car sorted-options*)]
[rest-options* (cdr sorted-options*)])
(if (green-tipped? best-option*)
(loop best-option* rest-options* done*)))))))
(define (error-sum errors) (foldl (λ (x y) (+ x y)) 0 errors))
(define green-threshold 50)
@@ -562,8 +563,8 @@
(and (pair? changes)
(green? (car changes)))))
(define (green? change)
(< green-threshold (- (error-sum (change-posterrors change))
(error-sum (change-preerrors change)))))
(< green-threshold (error-sum (errors-difference (change-preerrors change)
(change-posterrors change)))))
(define (remove-red alternative)
alternative) ;;Eventually this should return an alternative with red changes undone.
@@ -655,26 +656,31 @@
(recursor prog loc)
(list prog)))
(define (improve-by-analysis prog iters points exacts)
(define (improve-by-analysis alt iters points exacts)
(define (pick-input prog)
(argmax cadr (filter (λ (x) (< (cadr x) 1))
(enumerate (alternative-errors prog) points exacts))))
(define (step prog input)
(let ([annot (analyze-expressions (alternative-program prog) input)])
(map make-alternative (rewrite-at-location (alternative-program prog)
(map (curry make-alternative prog) (rewrite-at-location (alternative-program prog)
(find-most-local-error annot)))))
(define (make-alternative prog)
(let ([errs (errors prog points exacts)])
(alternative prog errs (program-cost prog) '())))
(define (make-alternative parent prog)
(let ([parent-cost (alternative-cost parent)]
[parent-errs (alternative-errors parent)]
[child-cost (program-cost prog)]
[child-errs (errors prog points exacts)])
(alternative prog child-errs child-cost
(cons (change '() '() parent-errs parent-cost
child-errs child-cost) (alternative-changes parent)))))
(define start-prog (make-alternative prog))
(define start-prog alt)
(let loop ([good-prog start-prog] [test-prog start-prog] [left iters]
[input (pick-input start-prog)])
(println "; Trying " (alternative-program test-prog) " at " (caddr input))
(if (= left 0)
(if (or (= left 0) (green-tipped? good-prog))
(let* ([alts (step test-prog (caddr input))]
[alts* (sort alts (curry alternative<-at? (car input)))]
@@ -706,6 +712,30 @@
(define (print-improve prog iterations)
(print-alternatives (take-up-to (improve prog iterations) 5)))
(define (improve-program prog max-iters)
(define-values (points exacts) (prepare-points prog))
(define all-routes (list improve-by-analysis brute-force-search))
(let loop ([routes all-routes]
[cur-alternative (alternative prog (errors prog points exacts) (program-cost prog) '())])
(if (null? routes)
(let ([cur-result ((car routes) cur-alternative max-iters points exacts)])
(if (and (green-tipped? cur-result) (not (eq? cur-result cur-alternative)))
(loop all-routes (remove-red cur-result))
(loop (cdr routes) cur-alternative))))))
(define (print-alt alt)
(pretty-print (alternative-program alt))
(println (alternative-errors alt))
(print (alternative-cost alt))
(for ([chng (alternative-changes alt)])
(println (change-location chng))
(println (change-rewrite chng))
(println (change-preerrors chng))
(print (change-precost chng))
(println (change-posterrors chng))
(print (change-postcost chng))))
;(define (plot-alternatives prog iterations)
; "Return a spectrum plot of the alternatives found."
; (let* ([alts (explore prog iterations)]
@@ -715,7 +745,7 @@
; (display (alternative-score (car alts)))
; (newline)
; (pretty-print (alternative-program (car alts)))
; (parameterize ([plot-width 800] [plot-height 100]
; (parameterize ([plotn-width 800] [plot-height 100]
; [plot-x-label #f] [plot-y-label #f])
; (plot (points (map vector logs rands))))))

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