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First Pass Egraph Simplification

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HazardousPeach committed Aug 25, 2014
1 parent 4db8bee commit 3032bafb89b944ed4c768cda3852594bd0987dec
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  1. +209 −0 casio/egraph.rkt
  2. +6 −0 casio/rules.rkt
@@ -0,0 +1,209 @@
#lang racket
(require casio/rules)
(require casio/common)
(require racket/set)
(define prog '(- (sqrt (+ x 1)) (sqrt x)))
(provide (struct-out egraph) enode-vars mk-egraph iterate-egraph
graphviz-e get-rule)
(struct enode (vars) #:mutable)
(struct egraph (top exprs ens cnt) #:mutable)
(define (mk-enode eg expr)
(if (enode? expr)
(error "!!!")
(let ([en (hash-ref (egraph-exprs eg) expr #f)])
(if en
(let ([en* (enode (list expr))])
(hash-set! (egraph-exprs eg) expr en*)
(hash-set! (egraph-ens eg) en* (egraph-cnt eg))
(set-egraph-cnt! eg (+ (egraph-cnt eg) 1))
(define (enode-add! eg e var)
(when (not (member var (enode-vars e)))
(if (enode? var)
(error "!!!")
(hash-set! (egraph-exprs eg) var e))
(set-egraph-cnt! eg (+ (egraph-cnt eg) 1))
(set-enode-vars! e (cons var (enode-vars e)))))
(define (egraph-replace! eg enfind enreplace)
(when (not (eq? enfind enreplace))
(when (eq? (egraph-top eg) enfind)
(set-egraph-top! eg enreplace))
(let enode-replace! ([seen '()] [cur-en (egraph-top eg)])
(when (not (member cur-en seen))
(for/list ([var (enode-vars cur-en)])
(if (list? var)
(list* (car var)
(map (λ (en)
(if (eq? en enfind)
enreplace en))
(cdr var)))
(for ([var (enode-vars cur-en)])
(when (list? var)
(map (curry enode-replace! (cons cur-en seen))
(cdr var))))))
(hash-remove! (egraph-ens eg) enfind)
(let ([exprs (egraph-exprs eg)])
(for ([expr (hash-keys exprs)])
(let ([nd (hash-ref exprs expr)])
(cond [(eq? nd enfind)
(hash-set! exprs expr enreplace)]
[(and (list? expr) (ormap (curry eq? enfind) (cdr expr)))
(hash-remove! exprs expr)
(hash-set! exprs
(car expr)
(for/list ([en (cdr expr)])
(if (eq? en enfind)
[#t '()]))))))
(define (enode-merge! eg enfrom eninto)
;; This ordering is important: We're putting the enfrom vars first
;; because it is usually the shorter route and thus the one we want to pick.
(remove-duplicates (append (enode-vars enfrom)
(enode-vars eninto))))
(egraph-replace! eg enfrom eninto))
(define (mk-egraph p)
(define (go eg expr)
(if (list? expr)
(mk-enode eg (cons (car expr) (map (curry go eg) (cdr expr))))
(mk-enode eg expr)))
(let* ([eg (egraph #f (make-hash) (make-hasheq) 0)]
[en (go eg p)])
(set-egraph-top! eg en)
(define (list-cartesian-product . lsts)
(if (null? lsts)
(let ([tails (apply list-cartesian-product (cdr lsts))])
(for*/list ([elt (car lsts)] [tail tails])
(cons elt tail)))))
(define (merge . bindings)
; (list bindings) -> binding
(foldl merge2 '() bindings))
(define (merge2 binding1 binding2)
; binding binding -> binding
(if (and binding1 binding2)
(let loop ([acc binding1] [rest binding2])
(if (null? rest)
(let* ([curr (car rest)]
[lookup (assoc (car curr) acc)])
(if lookup
(if (equal? (cdr lookup) (cdr curr))
(loop acc (cdr rest))
(loop (cons curr acc) (cdr rest))))))
(define (match-e pat e)
[(number? pat)
(λ (k)
(for ([var (enode-vars e)])
(when (and (number? var) (= pat var))
(k '(()))))
[(symbol? pat)
`(((,pat . ,e)))]
[(list? pat)
(apply append
(for/list ([var (enode-vars e)])
(if (and (list? var) (eq? (car var) (car pat))
(= (length var) (length pat)))
(filter identity
(map (curry apply merge)
(apply list-cartesian-product
(for/list ([subpat (cdr pat)] [sube (cdr var)])
(match-e subpat sube)))))
(error "WTF" pat)]))
(define (substitute-e eg pat bindings)
;;This is subtly wrong. We also want to count symbolic constants as numbers
[(number? pat) pat]
[(symbol? pat)
(cdr (assoc pat bindings))]
[(list? pat)
(cons (car pat)
(for/list ([subpat (cdr pat)])
(let ([e (substitute-e eg subpat bindings)])
(if (enode? e)
(mk-enode eg e)))))]))
(define (for-egraph eg f)
(map f (hash-keys (egraph-ens eg))))
(define (at-node eg r en)
(let ([binds (match-e (rule-input r) en)])
(for ([bind binds])
(let ([var (substitute-e eg (rule-output r) bind)])
(if (enode? var)
eg var en)
(enode-add! eg en var))))))
(define (one-iter eg rules)
(let ([start-size (egraph-cnt eg)])
(for ([r rules])
(for-egraph eg (λ (en) (at-node eg r en))))
(> (egraph-cnt eg) start-size)))
(define (iterate-egraph eg rules n)
(define (iterate k)
(println "Size(" k "): " (egraph-cnt eg))
(when (and (> k 0) (one-iter eg rules))
(iterate (- k 1))))
(iterate n)
(define (graphviz-e e fp)
(call-with-output-file fp #:exists 'replace
(λ (p)
(println #:port p "digraph {")
(hash-for-each (egraph-ens e)
(λ (en nid)
(println #:port p "en" nid " [label=\"NODE\"] ;")
(enumerate (λ (vid var)
[(list? var)
(println #:port p "var" vid "en" nid " [label=\"" (car var) "\"] ;")
(enumerate (λ (idx en2)
(println #:port p
"var" vid "en" nid " -> "
"en" (hash-ref (egraph-ens e) en2 -1)
"[tailport=" (if (= idx 0) "sw" "se")"] ;"))
(cdr var))]
(println #:port p "var" vid "en" nid " [label=\"" var "\"] ;")])
(println #:port p "en" nid " -> var" vid "en" nid " [arrowstyle=none] ;"))
(enode-vars en))))
(println #:port p "}"))))
@@ -29,6 +29,12 @@
(set! name (cons rec name)))
(set! *rulesets* (cons name *rulesets*))))
(define (get-rule name)
(let ([results (filter (λ (rule) (eq? (rule-name rule) name)) *rules*)])
(if (null? results)
(error "Could not find a rule by the name" name)
(car results))))
; Commutativity
(define-ruleset commutivity
[+-commutative (+ a b) (+ b a) ()]

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