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New simplification algorithm. Unfinished, but tantalizing.

 + Cancel, distribute, function inverses
 + Only distribute when useful (will expand `(x + 1) * (y + 1) - 1` but not `(x + 1) * (y + 1) - z`)
 + Multiplicative and additive cancelling

Still necessary:
 + Distribute exponents over multiplication
 + Pre-compute constants (happens automatically in some cases)
 + Output changes?
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pavpanchekha committed Aug 27, 2014
1 parent 2f8643f commit 471bf84ac85880022e9b5ba59d7fa235f8f17f41
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  1. +181 −0 casio/cancellation.rkt
@@ -0,0 +1,181 @@
#lang racket
(require rackunit)
(require casio/rules)
(require casio/matcher)
(require casio/common)
;; Cancellation's goal is to cancel (additively or multiplicatively) like terms.
;; It uses commutativity, identities, inverses, associativity,
;; distributativity, and function inverses.
(define fn-inverses
(map rule-input (filter (λ (rule) (symbol? (rule-output rule))) *rules*)))
#;(define (has-duplicates? l)
(not (equal? l (remove-duplicates l))))
(define (simplify expr)
(match expr
[(? real?) expr]
[(? symbol?) expr]
[`(,op ,args ...)
(simplify-node `(,op ,@(map simplify args)))]
[`(λ ,vars ,body)
`(λ ,vars ,(simplify body))]
[`(lambda ,vars ,body)
`(λ ,vars ,(simplify body))]))
(define (simplify-node expr)
(match expr
[(? real?) expr]
[(? symbol?) expr]
[(or `(+ ,summands ...) `(- ,summands ...))
(let* ([labels (combining-labels (gather-additive-terms expr))]
[terms (combine-aterms (gather-additive-terms expr #:expand labels))])
(make-addition-node terms))]
[(or `(* ,summands ...) `(/ ,summands ...))
(let ([terms (combine-mterms (gather-multiplicative-terms expr))])
(make-multiplication-node terms))]
(let/ec return
(for ([pattern fn-inverses])
(match (pattern-match pattern expr)
[#f (void)]
[`((,var . ,body)) (return body)]
[else (error "Function inverse pattern match returned multiple bindings")]))
(define (negate-term term)
(cons (- (car term)) (cdr term)))
(define (gather-additive-terms expr #:expand [expand #f] #:label [label #f] )
(define (recurse subexpr #:label [label #f])
(gather-additive-terms subexpr #:expand expand #:label label))
(let ([label (or label expr)])
(match expr
[(? real?) `((,expr 1))]
[(? symbol?) `((1 ,expr))]
[`(+ ,args ...) (append-map recurse args)]
[`(- ,arg) (map negate-term (recurse arg))]
[`(- ,arg ,args ...)
(append (recurse arg)
(map negate-term (append-map recurse args)))]
[`(* ,args ...)
(if (or (not expand) (memq label expand))
(for/list ([term-list (apply list-product (map recurse args))])
(list* (apply * (map car term-list))
(simplify-node (cons '* (map cadr term-list)))
(cons label (append-map cddr term-list))))
`((1 ,expr)))]
[`(/ ,arg) ; Prevent fall-through to the next case
`((1 ,expr))]
[`(/ ,arg ,args ...)
(if (or (not expand) (memq label expand))
(let ([nums (recurse arg)])
(for/list ([term nums])
(cons (car term) (simplify-node (list* '/ (cadr term) args)) (cons label (cddr term)))))
`((1 ,expr)))]
[`(sqr ,arg)
(recurse `(* ,arg ,arg) #:label expr)]
[`(expt ,arg ,(? integer? n))
[(positive? n)
(recurse (cons '* (build-list n (const arg))) #:label expr)]
[(negative? n)
`((1 ,expr))]
[(zero? n)
`((1 1))])]
`((1 ,expr))])))
(define (gather-multiplicative-terms expr)
(match expr
[(? real?) `(,expr)]
[(? symbol?) `(1 (1 . ,expr))]
[`(* ,args ...)
(let ([terms (map gather-multiplicative-terms args)])
(cons (apply * (map car terms)) (apply append (map cdr terms))))]
[`(/ ,arg)
(let ([terms (gather-multiplicative-terms arg)])
(cons (/ (car terms)) (map negate-term (cdr terms))))]
[`(/ ,arg ,args ...)
(let ([num (gather-multiplicative-terms arg)]
[dens (map gather-multiplicative-terms args)])
(cons (apply / (car num) (map car dens))
(append (map cdr num)
(map negate-term (append-map cdr dens)))))]
`(1 (1 . ,expr))]))
(define (combining-labels terms)
(reap [sow]
(let ([h (make-hash)])
(for ([term terms])
[(hash-has-key? h (cadr term))
(map sow (cddr term))
(map sow (hash-ref h (cadr term)))
(hash-set! h (cadr term) '())]
(hash-set! h (cadr term) (cddr term))]))))
(define (combine-aterms terms)
(let ([h (make-hash)])
(for ([term terms])
(let ([sum (hash-ref! h (cadr term) (λ () 0))])
(hash-set! h (cadr term) (+ (car term) sum))))
(reap [sow]
(hash-for-each h (λ (k v) (when (not (= v 0)) (sow (cons v k))))))))
(define (combine-mterms terms)
(car terms)
(let ([h (make-hash)])
(for ([term (cdr terms)])
(let ([sum (hash-ref! h (cdr term) (λ () 0))])
(hash-set! h (cdr term) (+ (car term) sum))))
(reap [sow]
(hash-for-each h (λ (k v) (when (not (= v 0)) (sow (cons v k)))))))))
(define (aterm->expr term)
(match term
[`(1 . ,x) x]
[`(,x . 1) x]
[`(-1 . ,x) `(- ,x)]
[`(,coeff . ,x) `(* ,coeff ,x)]))
;; TODO : Use (- x y) when it is simpler
(define (make-addition-node terms)
(match terms
['() 0]
(aterm->expr term)]
[`(,term ,terms ...)
`(+ ,(aterm->expr term) ,(make-addition-node terms))]))
(define (mterm->expr term)
(match term
[`(1 . ,x) x]
[`(-1 . ,x) `(/ 1 ,x)]
[`(,pow . ,x) `(expt ,x ,pow)]))
(define (make-multiplication-node term)
(match term
[`(0 ,terms ...) 0]
[`(1 ,terms ...) (make-multiplication-node* terms)]
[`(,a ,terms ...) (list '* a (make-multiplication-node* terms))]))
;; TODO : Use (/ a b) when it is simpler
(define (make-multiplication-node* terms)
(match terms
['() 1]
(mterm->expr term)]
[`(,term ,terms ...)
`(* ,(mterm->expr term) ,(make-multiplication-node* terms))]))

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